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King Push is underway

During an interview with Miss Info towards the end of last year, Pusha T revealed that he would be going on a twenty day studio binge with Chad Hugo and Pharrell (collectively known as The Neptunes), to knock out a huge chunk of his upcoming sophomore album King Push. Following the success and critical acclaim of his debut album, My Name Is My Name, it makes sense that Pusha is headed right back into the studio to capitalize on his newfound momentum. Since signing to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label in 2010, it appeared that he was on a one-track streamline to solo stardom, following stellar guest appearances on Kanye’s MBDTF album and a steady showing on his mixtapes (Fear Of God, Wrath Of Caine). Despite a slight hiccup concerning figuring out a lead single and a release date, Push released his debut to rave reviews and now seems to be operating with a new confidence. Its only the second day of the year and King Push is underway, so expect 2014 to be another big year for the Virginia native.


-Khari Nixon