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Mr. 106 & Park?

Bow Wow has resided in at least three different lanes simultaneously for most of his career, so its no surprise that he’s been releasing free music during his stint as 106 & Park’s full-time daily host. In 2014, it appears that the young YMCMB rep is looking to increase his stake in the rap game, linking up with one of the biggest producers to pop in the past couple years, and picking possibly the most cliche/catchy title for his latest single, “Like Mike”. The song has nothing to do with the movie, however, it has everything to do with Bow Wow rapping over a trap beat and referencing Cubans, kilos, and a whole host of other things that make the experience extremely confusing for the listener. He even borrows Jay Z and Rick Ross’ “F*ckwithmeyouknowitogit” for a period, which is either clever or painfully colloquial, depending on your opinion. Either way, press play and check out what Bow Wow has to offer up for the new year. His Underrated album is expected to be out this year, and regardless of your stance on the new sounds, a new Bow Wow LP always has something for everyone.


-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)

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