HBK Gang

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Heart Break Gang, the Bay Area collective, made some serious waves in 2013, capturing the attention of many musical outlets, helping to bring the West Coast sound back to the forefront of hip hop. Their leader, IAMSU!, released one of our favorite mixtapes, Kilt 2; Sage The Gemini had dance floors in a choke-hold, thanks to his smash hit “Red Nose”. However, that was all in the past, and now they are looking towards the future, to bigger and better things.

To start the New Year off right, HBK decided to release a brand new video, entitled “Never Goin’ Broke”. The video contains all of the positive energy and lighthearted nature that someone who is in a good place would feel. IAMSU!, P-LO, Kool John, Jay Ant, and Skipper all contribute solid verses or sing along with the hook. It is an enjoyable experience to watch, containing a number of hilarious moments. Definitely check it out, and keep your eye on these guys as they continue to grow.


Jimi (@Nativejimi)