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Often considered to be the world’s sport, soccer still has yet to pick up as much popularity as in the rest of the world. Perhaps it has to do with the high level of entertainment and investments that football, basketball, and baseball all have to compete for peoples interest and attention spans. None the less on June 12 of this year, a major world compition will begin with 32 teams all representing their respective countries will step on the field in search of glory.

The World Cup or Copa do Mundo as it is pronounced in the hosting country of Brazil will take place over 12 cities in the South American country where one world champion will be awarded the World Cup trophy and bragging rights for their country for 4 years until the next competition. With the qualified teams selected and the matches decided, the world awaits for the start of what should be one of the most elaborate world cups to date.



Watch the trailer to the world wide event below and head over to for the schedule and matches.