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This weekend was the 1st year anniversary of a “small gathering” known to the world as #HennyPalooza.


After a very successful year that took this event down to Washington D.C during the historic Howard Homecoming weekend, #HennyPalooza ends 2013 off and celebrates it’s one year anniversary back in the city it originated from, New York City.

Being one of the most anticipated days in New York for the month of December, #HennyPalooza tickets sold out in record time, and was one of the most talked about New York events as well this month. For those who weren’t even familiar with this event, the name alone brought a sense of anticipation and inquiry, no matter who you are.


The party itself definitely lived up to the hype. Hennessy was flowing, the music from DJ’s such as Austin Millz and Genius in HD was blasting and each floor was packed with people genuinely enjoying themselves. Special moments were had at this event, especially when tracks from Beyonce’s new album played through the venue. You really had to be there to truly understand what happened here.

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Before the night got legendary, The Source Magazine got a chance to talk to the ‘Godfather’ of #HennyPalooza,  Kameron McCullough (@KoolestKidOut) for some insight on the past, present & future of this event.


The Source Magazine: What made you sit back and say, this idea could become a staple in pop culture?

Kameron McCullough: The funny thing is, it all started in my living room with a bunch of my friends. I wanted to have a game night type of situation, have some Hennessy, some chicken and have my peoples come over. Having fun with it, I hashtagged it #HennyPalooza. When we put it on social, my man @foxxfiles hits me and tells me to check the hashtag. I checked the hashtag and people were asking questions such as, what is that, how do i get in, where is it, so i said its a small gathering at my house. thats the insider, I call it a “small gathering”. Ever since then, its just become bigger, bigger than my wildest dreams as an event. It’s become huge, its really a blessing.

The Source: Whats the relationship with #HennyPalooza and Hennessy?

Kameron: Hennessy found me. I just happened to know some people that worked for Hennessy. Its not an official partnership, as Hennessy doesn’t officially sponsor the event. However, its a organic event that they love what it’s about and what it brings. We’re actually in talks now, back and forth to figure out how a partnership makes sense for both parties. Everything i’ve done so far has been really on my own as far as the marketing and the trademarking for everything as well as the promotion.

The Source: Basically, your trying to create this movement thats bigger than yourself.

Kameron: Yeah, it has to be bigger than me. I would say its bigger than me already beyond me saying anything. It got that way on its own. I didn’t go out and say I wanted to throw this crazy event, honestly i’ve been throwing parties for about 10 years. This really just happened. With this one now, the way its grown, everything is social. Everything Twitter, Instagram, people posting it with the hashtag #HennyPalooza. That’s how we’ve gotten to where we are. Now its even where people are telling me to bring it to different states! Bring it to Dallas, bring it to Ohio, can you bring it here? It’s crazy!  It definitely already is bigger than me.

The Source: Whats the future for #HennyPalooza?

Kameron: Sky’s the limit. I love the arts, I love music. I want it to turn into a arts and music festival. Make it a two day thing in New York. I feel like we’re missing the Lollapalooza, the Woodstock feel. We need a feel good event back in New York and I feel like this can be that. It already is on the party level, so if we could do it with music and arts using this as the vehicle, I’m all for it.

-Lawrence Hudson (@its_mikelawry)

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