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Smell like Pitbull

Rapper Pitbull recently released his debut fragrances entitled Pitbull Man and Pitbull Woman. The news came after he had a successful year in 2013 and wanted to become an entrepreneur in his own right.



Pitbull Man is simply for the man in your life that is described as ultra-masculine, provocative, and seductive; featuring a scent with signature notes of citrus and musks. Offering the Pitbull Man an unmistakable confidence, knowing he is an international man of love.

Pitbull Woman is simply for the woman in your life that is captured  by the scene of sunset, when the best dressed come out for dancing and drinks. This sexy, fun fragrance can be described in one word: vibrant. Energetic and lively, and captivates the desire to dance until dawn, in hotspots around the world.

The fragrances come in tall bottles shaped by the skyscrapers that he saw while traveling to exotic locations like Malaysia, Dubai and Shanghai and here is what he said about his fragrances,

“When we started talking about it, it was about very sexy smells, and the woman can wear the men’s cologne and the man can wear the women’s perfume. I love to mix [men’s and women’s fragrances] up and see what kind of people you attract…I am a walking focus group.”

Wanna smell like success like Pitbull, fans could purchase the fragrance on Amazon now.


Matia (@ms_hip_hop)