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What does a man dream of that’s about 6 feet tall, has beautiful lines, and is a little over 100 lbs? While many of us would start rattling off names of super models, the answer might be just as hard to attain. At Las Vegas CES 2014, Vizio announced their largest 4K Ultra HD TV.

Based in Irvine California, Vizio unveiled their “Reference Series 4K Ultra HD 120-inch Smart TV” with dimensions that would make a techophile drool. Standing a little over 6 feet tall and almost 9 feet wide, the set isn’t a heavyweight as it weighs just more than a 100 pounds. While the size might bring up questions on resolution and picture quality Ultra HD TVs technology makes them ideal for screens larger than 60 inches. Vizio also included “high dynamic range” technology to improve contrast and brightness.

The set, which is slated to be released later this year, comes with a stand in case wall mounting isn’t an option. It also comes with a modular sound bar that can be moved from the base if you do wall mount the TV or can stand alone. There is also a 5.1 sound bar and a 10-inch wireless sub woofer packaged with this 4K beast, pricing is still to be determined.


CJ Washington (@BKCJ)