Chris Brown

Last Project: X Files, 2013

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cb ant

The Bernie-ing Chris Breezy is on his way to making his sixth album join the ranks of other mythical albums that artists have promised in the past. But we can’t completely blame him since he’s been going through a lot-anger management classes. The original release date was July 16, 2013 but has been pushed back several times. It has since been revealed to be a 2 disc album, each with 10 tracks on them. The significance of the roman numeral X has a few meanings to the singer. It comes from the addition of 5 and 5 (5/5 or May 5), his birthday. 2013 was his 10th year in music and he would’ve been 24 (X is the 24th letter in the alphabet) had it came out on 7/16. And finally, X symbolizes the ex in ex-girlfriend, thus a move forward in his career and not looking back. Sonically, the album is supposed to be less Pop and sex driven and more soulful and personal. Chris has put out new music here and there, including a 6 track EP in December, to quell his fans but everyone is waiting for his take on some original RnB vibes. He did tweet in August of 2013 that X will be his last album for mainstream America. Does that mean he’ll be entering the underground scene and/or battle rap league? Only time will tell.