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p ant

In My Mind was 8 years ago. That’s an audacious statistic, considering that album plays as if it were crafted during Pharrell’s current streak of brilliance. Last summer he competed with himself (“Blurred Lines” & “Get Lucky”), and between “Happy”, his work with Jay Z, Earl Sweatshirt and Pusha T, and the fact that, well, he’s Pharrell, there’s no way you could be excited for too many other albums. He raps, he sings, he produces, he curates, and whatever solo effort he comes up with this year will be more of a complete experience than quite possibly anything that’s come out in quite some time. When In My Mind was released we weren’t as familiar with Skateboard P’s palette as we are now, and should the music gods get together and give this album a workable release date, 2013 may already be in position to be outdone.