Kanye West

Last Project: Yeezus, 2013
Roc-A-Fella Records

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It’s a new year but some things don’t change-like the hype surrounding a new Kanye album. Even though he’s been getting more press (intentional or not) surrounding his shoe deals and fashion lines, Kanye isn’t bowing out of the music ring in the slightest. A lot of us are extra curious to hear what it will sound like especially after the polarizing effect Yeezus had on the Hip-Hop community. Here’s what we know: Q-Tip and Rick Rubin are working on the production, French Montana and Tyga could be on it, and it’s going to be 8 songs deep. And this is all aisde from plans for a Cruel Winter and Watch The Throne sequel. There was one video that circulated of the Yeezus stop in California where he might have previewed a new track, unofficially called “I Am Not Here.” Should we expect more angsty, forward thinking Yeezus? Or will it be a return to sample driven Kanye that earned him his Roc-A-Fella chain? Or maybe it will be totally new, like 8 tracks of overly passionate, inspirational spoken word from the creative genius.