Fresh new artists from Brooklyn all day, son.

We checked this out, and we liked what we saw. Earlier today, we brought you Solomon Faye, today, Shareef Keyes, check it out.

Listeners and viewers, prepare yourself for something refreshingly different. A diamond in the rough, 22-year old Shareef Keyes from Brooklyn is bringing something new to the table with his sound. The multi-dimensional artist has developed his own sound that fuses P funk, hard hip-hop drums and melodic jazz chords.

With his music, Shareef Keyes intends on using sonically pleasing songs to spread meaningful messages to consumers, hoping each and every listener learns and is inspired from the audio experience. The artist preaches themes of self-worth, optimism and determination, informing each individual to push for greatness – in his own words: “WE ARE NEO, WE ARE THE ONE’S WHO WILL CREATE SOME AMAZING SHIT TODAY, TOMORROW AND YEARS FROM NOW.”

On this fine evening, Shareef brings you the new music video for his debut single, “Tree,” shot and edited by his brother Maurice Keyes. The track is self produced, with co-production from Glo Keyes and andrewplayspiano, and Shareef also provides his own back-up vocals, a true one-man band.

-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)