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On season two, episode two of the Own hit series, The Haves And Have Nots, continues where the first episode of the new season left off at by Wyatt hitting a 6 year old girl and Benny (Hanna’s son), Amanda suing her parents for her inheritance, and Jeffery not living with his parents because he came out.

This week, Wyatt is finally coming down off his high of drugs as he wakes up from being high. His parents tell him that he killed a 6 year old girl and hit a man but is unaware of what he did.


Amanda reveals to Jeffery that she is suing her parents for her inheritance and drops a bombshell on Candace that Amanda suffers from bi-polar & Schizophrenia. She stands outside of her professor’s house and has an emotional breakdown.

Wyatt revealed to his parents that he was driving Jeffery’s car and was using heroin. Jim and Wyatt trying to find the car so they could get rid of it so cops won’t ask him questions. Other housekeeper, Celine lies to Kathy about Hanna not calling her to tell her that she is not coming into work because of a family emergency.

Jim went to see David at his office and met with his publicist Maggie about his upcoming election as he runs for governor and he tries to frame Jeffery for killing the little girl. He told David that Jeffery was driving the car but David tells Jim that Wyatt was the one who was driving the car and then he apologizes to David for trying to frame Jeffery.

Towards the end of the episode, Hanna goes back to the hospital to see about Benny and she runs into Tony (who is Benny’s father) and soon discover that he has kidney failure. The doctor tells Hanna that Benny is on life support.

Make sure that you tune in to see what would happen to Benny.

Watch the show every Tuesday at 9 pm on OWN.

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