Post Tika Sumpter knows how to make the boys cry 

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Talented actress, Tika Sumpter, made an appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show last night and promoted her latest movie, Ride Along and the TV show, The Haves and Have Nots. 

As discussing working with Whitney Houston, Arsenio he was moved to tears. Whitney was Sumpter’s co-star in the movie, Sparkle and a good friend to Arsenio.


Here is what she said about working with Whitney in Sparkle,

“She played my mother, so that was the most amazing experience ever. That’s probably one of the biggest questions I’m asked is, ‘How was it working with Whitney?’ Whitney was everything. I’d kind of just be siting in a corner quiet and they’d be changing for the setup and she’s like, ‘You okay baby? Who do I need to talk to to make sure you’re alright?’ I’m like, ‘I’m good, I’m good!’ and she’d say, ‘I got you.’ So she was just like a mother, a motherly figure. […]It’s so weird because every time I’m feeling a certain way whether it’s kind of down or irritated, her song comes on the radio. All the time. I’m just like, ‘Okay, let me get it together.’ She snaps me out of it.”

Take a glance of the interview:

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