ride-along-trailer-kevin-hart-ice-cubeDirector Tim Story (“Think Like a Man” and “Fantastic Four”) takes audiences for a hilarious ride around Atlanta in the new action comedy movie “Ride Along,” with a street hardened maverick cop played by Ice Cube and a high school security guard desperate for the approval of his future brother in-law played by Kevin Hart.We all know the typical cop action film; a highly decorated, but slightly off-kilter cop becomes obsessed with a case and the mysterious criminal at the heart of it. Add a few explosions and a couple of corny catch phrases and you have the typical action film. So, why should you watch Ride Along? Because it’s not your typical cop drama, it’s a comedy, and Ice Cube and Kevin Hart pull out all the stops for this one. This story throws in the hilarious antics of the fast-talking Kevin Hart and puts it in contrast with the intimidating persona of Ice Cube.

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The plot follows Ben, a high school security guard eager to ditch his current job for the Atlanta Police Academy and marry his gorgeous girlfriend Angela (Tika Sumpter). Everything seems to be running smooth with his acceptance into the police academy, until he must ask the approval of his girlfriend’s older street-hardened cop brother. Cue in James (Ice Cube); an overly protective older brother and an elite detective in the Atlanta Police Department who prefers to operate alone. I know what you’re thinking, “Wait, Ice Cube plays a cop?”. But, don’t despair the former NWA member manages to make the APD look good.  In an attempt to win the respect and blessing of his future brother-in-law, Ben agrees to join James on one of his shifts protecting and serving the citizens of Atlanta. James, who has no intention of allowing an unworthy candidate marry his baby-sister, takes Ben on a ride around the toughest parts of the city hoping to scare him away. James’ plans to scare Ben seem to be working until the couple stumbles across new clues in a buried case that James has been obsessively pursuing. The pair must find the love, in order to take down one of the most feared and elusive criminals in Atlanta.

Joined by John Leguizamo and Laurence Fishburne (who co-star in the film), Ice Cube and Kevin Hart manage to find a working chemistry that moves the story along. Kevin Hart is hilarious, giving the audience the patented comedic style that catapulted him to stardom. While Ice Cube finds his funny bone buried deep within his harden cop exterior, even dropping a “I had to say it was a good day” line in the movie (a reference to one his famous rap songs). It is a hilarious film and an entertaining movie destination, which will keep you laughing and engaged.’


“Ride Along” is now playing.

-JT Tarpav