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Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail was one of the top albums of 2013. Feature song, ‘Somewhere In America’ sparked controversy from that one line, “Somewhere in America Miley is still twerking.’ But it’s bigger than rap. Creatives of Sheikh & Bake got together to display some of the most stylish Mipsterz to the song, Somewhere In America. If you’re unfamiliar with the new coined term Mipster, think Muslim plus Hipster, equals Mipster.



The term not only gathered millions of views worldwide on its video but also started debates on the use of the song and the showcasing of the women in hijab.  The women are seen skateboarding, walking around in high heels and taking photographs with their phone. It shows that women of all races and faiths have style. Nothing too controversial  it may seem to some. The video has created passionate debates on Islam in America. Take a look at the video yourself and tell us what you think.

-Tatiana (@TatianaTot)

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