GirlsIt’s Hannah’s Birthday

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On this week’s episode of Girls, it is Hannah’s 25th birthday and it’s a celebration!

In the beginning of the episode, Adam’s sister, Caroline arrives at his doorstep after losing her job and Hannah decides to make her feel welcomed.


Marnie finds out that video that she recorded for her ex boyfriend, Charlie, is on YouTube and she does everything she can to get the video down including calling the company.

Everyone including Hannah’s parents, arrive to her birthday party that is thrown by Marnie. Hannah’s parents and Adam meet for the first time. While at the party, Shoshanna’s ex-boyfriend Ray finds out some information about Shoshanna that causes him not to be friends with her anymore.

While on stage wishing Hannah a Happy Birthday, Marine invites her on stage to sing with her and Hannah eventually gives in. Appearing to be drunk, Adam gets mad at Hannah’s friend for telling the DJ to change a song and ends up fighting.

When the party was over Handam (Adam+ Hannah) were walking home and he gives her a necklace with his tooth on it. She loved the gift from him and was about to make love at home when she found Caroline just standing in the bathroom with a busted glass in her hand. In the end of it all, Hannah takes care of Caroline and this is makes Adam mad because he thinks she is putting on an act. Could this be true?

Tune in next Sunday at 10 pm on HBO to see what happens in the next episode of Girls

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)