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On a day such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day it is hard for some to believe that racism still exists. In fact amongst many African Americans there is still a heated debate on every day racism and if it really does still exist.

In the picture above we see Russian Editor-in-Chief of Garage magazine, Dasha Zhukova, sitting seemingly unbothered, on a ‘Black Woman’ chair for her feature in a newly launched online magazine.


Buro 24/7 Magazine decided to publish this article on today of ALL DAYS. Even though this picture would be disturbing to some even if they waited until tomorrow, what is even more disturbing is their choice to use the ‘Black Woman Bondage’ when this creepy and offensive chair actually comes in both ‘Black Woman’ and ‘White Woman’.

Chair by Allen Jones, 1969, which depicts a woman bent into the shape of furniture

So what type of message is Dasha Zhukova and Buro 24/7 magazine sending by publishing this article on MLK day? Some may say the message is white supremacy or white dominance. Not only is the chair offensive but this serves as a testament that black people, though we have come a long way, we still face everyday racism.

I don’t think a white woman sitting on a chair made out of a black bondage woman was apart of Martin Luther King, Jr’s dream.