shermSo with every event that happens nowadays of ANY cultural relevance there is typically a sea storm of pictures, memes, videos, clever tweets etc that then follow.  Well yesterday’s NFL Conference Championship by no means disappointed. In a day that saw Peyton channel his inner Omaha to beat down the Bellichick Brady’s, C0lin Kaepernick make a Robocop like TD pass and Marshawn Lynch show us the good and bad side of beast mode, it was undoubtedly Richard Sherman and his post game interview with Erin Andrews that won and continues to run the internet.

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Frankly I don’t think this round was as good as previous ones like the Adrien Broner loss fallout, but that might just be because the incident itself was incredible on its own. If you haven’t already- check ut the original interview below and see what the web had to offer in the slideshow.


Spencer @Sjeezs