Artpop to now be legally sold in China

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Lady_GagaAfter having been placed on China’s blacklist three years ago, pop star Lady Gaga has officially been removed from the list. As a result, her latest chart-topping album Artpop is now eligible to legally go on sale in China.

However, Chinese censors have placed on the album’s cover art, making a few adjustments. In an attempt to cover shield more of bare body, censors have placed an inflated ball between her legs, and also dressed her with black tights.


That’s not the only adjustment that was made, though. According to CNN, Chinese officials have also changed the song title of “Sexxx Dreams” to “X Dreams.”

Gaga’s music was first placed on a blacklist back in 2011 when the Culture Ministry regarded her work to have been “creating confusion in the order of the online music market, and damaging the nation’s cultural security.”

The Chinese government approved ‘ARTPOP’ to be released in China with all 15 songs!” tweeted Gaga. “Next I hope I can come to perform!” she added.

In due time, Gaga.

– Antionette Latrese (@_ALatrese)