Kid-InkThe Source had the opportunity to chat with the one and only rapper, Kid Ink and the LA native spoke on working with Chris Brown on the single, “Show Me,”  Billboard predicting his album to be a  a top 10 debut and his album, My Own Lane. Check out the interview below.

How long did it take to make this album, and what was the creative process for it?

Kid Ink: I’m going to say I had the label deal about a year now and in the process of starting the album, I ended up releasing an EP, so within six months of touring, I was in and out of the process of creating the album. I didn’t come up with the title or direction at first. I kind of let the music and the vibe speak for itself. I definitely had fun making this project, and I knew which songs were good for the album and which songs were for a mixtape during the process.


Billboard mentioned that you had your first Top 10 debut on the Billboard 200 charts, congrats! How do you feel about the overwhelming support from the fans?

KI: It’s dope! It makes me feel good that the fans are still rocking with me and growing. The fans believed in everything that I was doing and the ones that started with me when I was independent and signed with a major deal. I got to show and prove that I’m still here and still doing tours.

How has DJ Ill Will influenced your career?

KI: Definitely influential, I feel like he thinks on another level and from a side of just music he’s more of fan of music but more like a businessman at the same time and handle different things. He gives me a fan’s opinion and that is mostly important because they are the ones that buy the music and are seeing me on tour. He’s not like a core manager and he always tells me how things should be done.

Why did you name the album My Own Lane?

KI: The reason why I named the album My Own Lane because people would ask me in interviews questions like what is Kid Ink’s direction? or who could you compare yourself too? I feel like with me, I do so much with music . I always make sure that I try to go in different lanes. From a producer standpoint, I always wanted to be like Pharrell or Timbaland or Swizz Beatz making beats for people in different genres . My Own Lane represents me and the lanes that I do different, but remaining Kid Ink.

When did you know that “Show Me” was going to be an instant hit?

KI: I knew that “Show Me” was going to be an instant hit before Chris Brown was on it. We had different singers on it but Chris Brown wanted to listen to the track and he liked it right away. The beat was crazy from Mustard.

Speaking of Chris Brown, can we possibly expect a mixtape with you two in the future?

KI: I’m always down to make great music but the way that the session went down we got to record three songs, so you never know. It would only take about a week for me and Chris Brown to come up with a mixtape.

When is the video for “Iz U Down” dropping? And what visual is following that?

KI: I don’t have the official date for the “Iz U Down,” but I have the other video-single “No Miracles” featuring MGK and Elle Varner out now and then waiting to see about the next single. It’s going to take a minute for the “Iz U Down” video to come out, but I’m down to do visuals for all of my singles.

You got the track “Tattoo of My Name.” How many females have you seen tatted with ‘Kid Ink’ on them? 

KI: I have seen too many females. It’s becoming an epidemic lately and recently when I was in Europe, I seen 15 females with the tattoo so far. In the US, I’ve seen 20 females with my name tatted on them. Guys have portraits and tats of Alumni and Kid Ink. It’s crazy!

You use that melodic blending of rap and singing on your album, are you going to stick to that formula for the upcoming projects? 

KI: Not all the way, I never limit myself and always try different things, so with me I’m not trying to sing too much and I’m trying to get more lyrical. If I can’t sing it live on stage, I rather have someone else sing it.

Besides, My Own Lane, what are some upcoming projects that you have?

KI: My upcoming projects are trying to get a compilation with Bat Gang and Alumni. I want to do more features on songs with other artists, and want to get my pen game up.

Fans could follow Kid Ink on Instagram at @kidinkbatgang and on Twitter at @Kid_Ink

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)