Marsha Ambrosius has not performed in New York since 2011, however she tells us that she feels at home here in the big apple. Preparing her Marshians for the upcoming album, she decided to give them two exclusive nights at the Sounds Of Brazil (S.O.B’s) in SoHo. The venue was a crowded space filled with people anxious to see Ambrosius, even though many in the crowd said they had already witnessed her perform live a few times before.

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When Benja took the stage for his opening performance the audience was not prepared for this soulful voice and undeniable talent. By the end of his set the crowd cheered and complimented Benja on his amazing performance but they were on edge, hoping that Marsha wouldn’t keep them waiting any longer.


The beautiful songstress and her band hit the stage and everyone in attendance welcomed Ambrosius with screams, cheers and applause. Interactive and open with her fans she gave them the “real Marsha”, making you feel like her very best friend. She talked about men, life, lesbian experiences, porn, ex-boyfriends, love and hate. Telling stories with her music she serenades the crowd into the roller coaster of relationships and encounters she has experienced.