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It’s almost safe to say sportswear brand Adidas is winning. Kanye West’ latest shoe deal, Jeremy Lin just recently leaving Nike for the brand and now you can add the red lipstick songstress Rita Ora to that line up. She has been teasing fans with the thought of a collaboration with the brand. But let’s not forget, fashion is far from new for her. Being a part of The Roc Nation family has opened many doors for. As the new face of Madonna’s Material Girl and more recently her big deal with DKNY she’s breaking down the fashion doors by the mile.



But about this Adidas deal, Ora went on to post a preview of what we should expect this Spring. Just think, your classic shell toe Adidas and add a rose gold metal shell toe instead. The new shoe is said to be called The Ritabots. She’s already rocking them during studio sessions. Stay tuned for release dates.

-Tatiana (@TatianaTot)