Dupree Johnson, guns, Instagram, arrests, busts,The federal government and your ex aren’t the only people creeping through your Instagram posts.  Cops have Internet access too–and Instagram, as one south Florida man quickly found out.

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Nineteen year old Dupree Johnson–aka Instagram user “duce22ceritfied” and a candidate for the TV show America’s Dumbest Criminals–hadn’t yet learned that there are somethings you just don’t share.

Police in Palm Beach County had been investigating jewel thefts in senior communities for months when one deputy stumbled across Johnson’s incriminating Instagram feed, which boasted pictures of him proudly posing with guns, money, and drugs.


Johnson probably thought he was adding credibility to his G-pass, but the only pass he got was a ticket straight to jail.

The officer noted that Johnson, who shouldn’t be in possession of a gun because he’s a convicted felon, had prior convictions for burglary, grand theft, and felony possession of a firearm.  The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department began to suspect Johnson as the ringleader in the retirement home burglaries.

One search warrant later, police found themselves in Johnson’s Lake Worth home, where they uncovered a Glock hidden under his bed (that’s where all gangsters keep their guns), a stolen Tec-9 9MM pistol, a shoebox full of ammunition, and a whopping $250,000 worth of jewels, electronics, and other firearms.

Johnson has since been charged with 142 counts of being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammo.

For someone who probably hated the cops, he sure did make their job a lot easier!

Hit the flip to see some of the flicks from Johnson’s Instagram feed.


April Dawn (@scarlettsinatra)