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With healthy living becoming the buzz word on everyone’s lips, fitness as well as electronic companies have been scrambling to create more gadgets to help staying fit not take so much work. One area that has seen a number of entries are smart bands with companies like Nike, and Fitbit. At this year’s CES tech company JayBird announced their successor to the smart band crown, the Reign.

JayBird’s Reign, like most fitness trackers monitors steps taken, calories burned and some even track your sleeping patterns. Where the Reign differs is that it can differentiate between activities i.e. running, cycling, swimming, etc… Also by utilizing its Go-Zone feature and studying your habits, the Reign can tell you when the best time for you to work out is, and also if you need more rest or if you should skip a workout all together.

The Reign is said to make its appearance this spring in the US at $199 and will be available in black, white and yellow.


CJ Washington (@BKCJ)