IMG_3472On Friday, Jan. 24, REVOLT TV will hosted an exclusive on-air “Harlem to Hollywood” studio reveal housewarming event in advance of the premiere of their flagship show, REVOLT Live, on January 27.Sean “Diddy” Combs (Founder and Chairman of Revolt TV) was joined by Tyga, The Game, Wale, Tyrese, Audio Push, Machine Gun Kelly, Azealia Banks, Conway, YG, Problem, Eric Bellinger, Que, Cashius Green, Pheo, Rico Love  and Chrisette Michele, to name a few.

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The Source Magazine was able to catch up with a few of these guest and ask them their thoughts on REVOLT and what they admire most about Diddy.

Heres what they had to say…


Sage The Gemini, the popular artist behind the hit track “Red Nose” mentioned “Diddy is too much of a boss, he can walk through and do ANYTHING, he has TOO much money. He consistently proves himself to where you can’t deny his hustle. ”

Sage was humbled to attend as he shouted out his comrade Problem and informed us that they’re definitely cooking up something in the lab, and you can expect his newest project to be released in March entitled “Remember Me”.

Speaking of Problem, when asked what he admired most about Diddy he mentioned, “His impact, his impact on the world, culture, music and black business.” He went on to say, “You can says it’s a progression, but it’s not even that, it’s consistency, he’s been winning for years.”

Problem also stated that he was excited about West Coast music as a whole and projects of affiliates from his Diamond Lane Record Label.

New rap duo TiRon & Ayomari spoke highly about REVOLT and what it means for artist and viewers alike. When asked what about REVOLT appeals to you as artist, TiRon& Ayomari mentioned it reminds them of The Box, and what MTV and BET once were. “Revolt is like what MTV used to be. They play music and have great content, I like what they’re doing,” said TiRon. Ayomari also added that he likes how “REVOLT is less establishment and more guerrilla, REVOLT is smart because its reflective of how the culture is right now. We live in the Internet Age where everything is instant. Everybody gets that simultaneous access you get Hip Hop, Alternative, Rock and R & B.” TiRon and Ayomari both coincidently state “Diddy is like our Steve Jobs. He’s what Russell Simmons was to the last generation. He’s helping push the culture forward, he puts on for the future.” Tiron & Ayomari’s “The Great New Wonderful” will soon be released Summer/ Fall where you can expect exclusive content on Revolt TV.

To say the least Diddy inspires a generation through his forward thinking and proactive moves, showing artist that you can do more that just perform. You can even eventually someday host the platform for artists like yourself collab, connect and create.

-Darius Stone