This edition of HH101 speaks about the importance of our midday meals

By Nakeasha Johnson

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Lunch snacks are super creative ways to address your finicky little minion’s lunch time blues. I know how difficult it is to feed a picky eater, but a little bit of finesse can go a long way in creating healthy lunches that your kids will love.

Keep Lunch Ideas Simple

Finger foods can go a long way

Color and texture make the lunch more appealing

Shapes and layers make the lunch fun

The simpler the approach, the easier the prep

Cookie cutters are your friend

Purchase precut veggies and/or fruits

Make sure you have the proper containers (Dollar store containers work just fine)


Get Creative:

Simple and fun food ideas that make great leftovers for lunch.

EX: Corndog Muffins-Make cornbread batter, fill muffin pans 2/3 full, cut hotdogs into 4 sections and place in the middle of the batter, then cook as normal and you have corndog muffins

Purchase themed cookie cutters and cut the shapes into breads, lunch meats, cheeses, and granola.

I have seen some great themes on amazon. They have princesses, castles, shoes, dinosaurs, cars, and animals

Make homemade trail mix from cereal, dried fruit, nuts, and snacks.

Let your kids mix and match healthy snacks in a funky way that may seem off the cuff but that they will find fun

Sauces and spreads are your friends.

Let’s face it, kids love dipping things so make that a part of their lunch. Use hummus or whatever kind of dip/sauce that you like to make those veggies stand out. Dollar tree offers those small snack containers that are the perfect size for this.

Participation Gets You Better Results:

Let the children help you make lunch.

Ask for their input and suggestions

Allow them to create possible lunch menus


Children love to feel independent! Giving the appearance of freedom in most cases will actually have them doing what you want without even realizing it. Children take pride in their creations and their food creations are no different. Giving your children healthy choices isn’t hard; it’s your presentation and attitude that will ultimately lure them in.

-Nakeasha Johnson(@NakeashaJohnson)