Single Ladies-The SourceCutting above the rest is no problem for these Single Ladies

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Last week on the VH1 hit series, Single Ladies, it was the battle of the managers as April and David are both trying to sign KeKe Palmer to Felicia Price’s management company. But in the end, KeKe ended up signing with April and at KeKe’s showcase, Felicia awards April with a check for bringing KeKe to her company. While meeting with one of her potential investors at dinner, Raquel discovers that Terrance is meeting with a woman that sells necklaces and he leaves his necklace on her car. Keisha shows Malcolm a picture of Naomi & Malcolm’s father while they were together and he ends up burning the picture.

This week, it’s all about the undeniable chemistry with the ladies on the show as Terrance and Raquel meets with an investor for their company and Malcolm and Keisha both continue to deal with Sean as he tries to look for trouble their relationship.


David still tries to pursue April into having sex with him constantly. Hoping to score some points with Felicia, April introduces her to everyone at Indulgence and ends up potentially doing business with them for her artists. Raquel decides to throw a party for the new investor for Indulgence.

Keisha is back to playing poker with Donovan, whom she knew from playing poker in the past and Sean shows up trying to look out for Keisha by telling her that beware of Malcolm. Keisha accidentally tells Sean about the picture of Naomi and Malcolm’s father.

After the party is over, Terrance and Raquel share a kiss in which she is totally against mixing business & pleasure. Malcolm comes clean to Keisha about burning the wedding picture of his father & Naomi.

Tune in next week to see what happens next on Single Ladies!

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)