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Sunday night, UW Battle League made history by bringing some of the most notorious MC’s in Battle Rap for an all out war.
ABU vs NICE, B-Magic vs Daylyt, O-red vs Hitman Holla, Calicoe vs Tsu Surf and the much anticipated headliners Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don.

The venue was packed with battle rap fans anxious to see their favorite MC’s go to war…and go to war is exactly what they did.
The highlights of the night included Hitman Holla’s comedic story recap, DayLyt in full Matrix form, Calicoe’s aggressive yet impeccable delivery, Loaded Lux in full Black Panther uniform along with a team of Panther’s fully strapped with some holding classic signs of Malcolm X and Black Panther images.
Hollow Da Don hit a home run when he brought Calicoe’s real father to the stage after Lux humiliated him in his last battle vs Calicoe. The crowd erupted as an angry ‘Black’ approached Lux on stage to which Lux smiled.



All in all UW Battle League had a successful– peaceful night and opened a discussion that has the internet in full debate.
The headliners, Loaded Lux Vs Hollow da Don were arguably one of the best battles in history. Hollow Da Don attacked Lux with wit and delivery that kept the entire venue in the palm of his hands while Loaded Lux approached his opponent like a father teaching his son. Lux delivered bar after bar forcing the crowd to think and achieve greatness. Both MC’s displayed skill and vernacular that showed the world why they remain top tier in battle rap.

Similar to Biggie and 2Pac, both MC’s have their own lanes yet remain at the top.
Who do you think won the battle?