J.cole What Dreams May Come 2014Grammy or not, J.Cole proved to New York City he is still hot! J.Cole celebrated his 29th birthday last night by putting on a captivating show that made a statement to his fans and listeners at The Madison Square Garden Theater. This show simply translated a message that, “Dreams do come true”. There are many who dream of what life could become for them, while most dream they never pursuit those dreams. In 2007 he began a journey and kept pursuing his dreams. J.Cole wanted to remind them all that he was once there and is still dreaming to accomplish so much more.

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As the background music began to play, the crowd eagerly waited for J.Cole to appear. He stylishly walked down the stairs on to the stage jumping right into his track titled ” Trouble”, off of his sophomore album Born Sinner. Laughs soon broke out as the DJ smoothly transitioned in to “Runaway”, which began with a comedic skit by comedian Mike Epps. However, laughs and cheers were not the only thing that filled the room; as “She Knows” came on the entire crowd joined in a clap along while Cole told his tale. Queens rapper, Bas, who also opened up for J.Cole would light things up with Cole performing “Lit”. The two were very entertaining on stage.

J.Cole would later get emotional during his performance of the song titled “Rich Niggas”. He broke down a bit while speaking towards the end– uttering the words,”Always Remember!”. He was not the only one baring that message. Out of the left field we were graced by the presence of Kendrick Lamar. Kendrick got the crowd more hype with performing  “Backseat Freestyle” and “M.a.d.d. City” remix for Cole’s birthday. Kendrick’s visit was definitely appreciated but he would not be the biggest surprise.



J.Cole performed other favorites off of Born Sinner including: Let Nas Down, Crooked Smile,Workout, and Land of The Snakes. Cole’s true fans came out as he performed “Light Please” and “Can I hit it in the morning”. Fans would sing along during these two songs. J.Cole, caught up it the praise and appreciation, would later receive the greatest present of the night. With his hands in the air as a diamond, representing Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s “Public Service Announcement” would alarm the theater. Jay-Z suddenly ran on to the stage electrifying the theater as he continued to perform “Public Service Announcement”. Jay-Z’s appearance turned Madison Square Garden Theater upside down. The highlight of the night was when Jay-Z presented Cole his original Rocafella Record gold chain. It was surely a touching moment that made the experience greater.


This present was well deserved. With the spotlight on him, J.Cole hopped around the stage with so much energy and enthusiasm from beginning to end. The lights and live band definitely added to Cole’s top notch performance.  The energy in the theater was remarkable. J.Cole put his all into the show and the fans returned the favor. J.Cole’s Dreamville Foundation in collaboration with Interscope Records have collected a portion from each tickets to uplift youth in Fayetteville through book clubs, essay contests and community events. Fans who would like to make additional information can find out more at http://www.thedreamvillefoundation.org/. Hopefully, the dream never dies! Screenshot_2014-01-29-08-34-51-1

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–  Trice Prince (@TriceLeDon)

Photography by: Llama