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January 20 to January 24, 2014

Statement By A.G. Schneiderman On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

In a statement, Attorney General Schneiderman honored the “life, legacy and vision” of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and urged New Yorkers to recommit to fighting more aggressively against ongoing discrimination.


The Attorney General also celebrated Dr. King’s life by addressing the National Action Network’s Annual King Day Rally, where he highlighted his commitment to protecting New Yorkers against foreclosures. The Attorney General detailed his plan to use the settlement money received by the state following last year’s historic agreement with JPMorgan Chase to fund various programs providing real relief to distressed homeowners. Click here to see a photo from the speech, or watch the full remarks on NAN’s Livestream page here.

A.G. Schneiderman Announces Settlement With Western Sky Financial And Cashcall For Illegal Loans Made Over The Internet

Under the terms of an agreement with Attorney General Schneiderman, payday lender Western Sky will provide refunds to defrauded New York borrowers and pay a fine of $1.5 million, after the company charged consumers annual interest rates of up to 355 percent, far exceeding the maximum allowed under State law. In addition, by requiring Western Sky to cease the collection of interest on all loans to in-state consumers, the settlement could provide more than $35 million in debt relief to New Yorkers.

Read the Wall Street Journal story breaking the news of this agreement here.

A.G. Schneiderman Announces $160k Payment By Beverage Company For Violating NYS Bottle Bill

Following an investigation with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Attorney General Schneiderman secured a $160,000 fine from a New Jersey-based beverage company that repeatedly violated the State’s Bottle Bill, which requires businesses to remit deposits collected from the sale of beverage containers to the State, generating millions in revenue for environmental protection.

In Other News…

Attorney General Schneiderman discussed New York’s opportunity to lead the nation by transforming its campaign finance system, during a discussion with Senator Elizabeth Warren hosted by Demos and Fair Elections for New York.

He also applauded Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring on Twitter for standing up for the rights of LGBT Americans by refusing to defend his state’s ban on same-sex marriages.

The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle praised the Attorney General’s ongoing effort to unseal a report on the 1971 Attica uprising and shine a light on what led to the deadliest prison riot in American history.

In advance of winter storm Janus this past Tuesday, Attorney General Schneiderman warned impacted New Yorkers to be aware of price gouging and asked that they report any unnecessary increases of the cost of essentials to his office.


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