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Last week, on the hit series, The Haves And Have Nots, the doctor tells Hanna that Benny is on life support and that he is brain dead. Kathy & Veronica meet up with Jim’s campaign manager, Maggie. And Jefferey’s car gets stolen. Tony learns that Benny is in a vegetative state and tries to convince Hanna to pull him off life support. In true Hanna form, she is not giving up without a fight and doesn’t want Benny to die in benefit of Tony.

This week, Jeffery discovers that Wyatt was behind the death of a little girl and hitting Benny in the process knowing that he is related to Candace. Maggie tries to convince David & Jim that they should bring their whole family to the funeral of the little girl unbeknownst that Wyatt killed the little girl.


Celine is trying to be friendly towards Hanna but she is not convinced that she is sincere. Amanda shows up at her professor’s house when he’s in the shower and she begs for his mercy. When Jeffery finds out about Wyatt killing the little girl, he does everything he can to beg for forgiveness.

Jim and David bring their wives, Katheryn & Veronica to the funeral of the little girl and discovers that Hanna is at the funeral too. They all know that Hanna knows about what Wyatt did and finds out that Benny was hit by Wyatt too.  Jim’s campaign manger, Maggie starts to put the pieces together between the connection of Benny and the little girl. Jeffery tells Candace that Benny is in the hospital.

Tune in next Tuesday at 9 pm to see what happens next.

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