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Ever so often we run into a uniquely designed shoe and it instantly excites us. We may not be familiar with the brand, so we either think about it for a second and purchase or we research and sleep on it. Then, we decide to go back for it and it’s gone.  Camper may fit that story if you’re not familiar, but it happens to be one of the oldest shoe companies around.  Dating back to 1877, Camper was all about fitting the natural shape of foot. Since then Camper has created interesting designs that would make you do a double take.

Taking a peek at their upcoming Spring collection is pure eye candy. One of the standout shoes that we’re adding to our list of HER SOURCE VICES is the Himalayan. It’s the perfect name because it looks comfortable enough to climb a mountain (hence Camper) yet cool enough to floss the city sidewalks better known as our runway. The zig zag sole matched with bungee cord laces are futuristic and fun. Guys, don’t worry they also have the men’s version as well. They retail for $275 USD and are sure to be a keepsake. Cop them here. Did I mention, they’re warm!


-Tatiana (@TatianaTot)