SWV Reunited Recap-The SourceLet the past be the past!

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Last week on the hit reality show, SWV Reunited, Coko gets a phone call from her doctor and she finds out that luckily she does not have breast cancer. The group has a performance set at SOB’s but before they could go to their hometown of NY, Coko and Lelee end up getting surgery one week before their performance. After the performance, they still had to tell Cory the bad news about management. Cory learns of this news and of course isn’t happy about it and starts throwing shade at the group.

This week, the group finally comes to grip with why they broke up in the first place and it was not an easy process for them. While getting ready to be interviewed by Ebony Magazine, the group revealed some of the hardships that they were going through in their lives.


Coko revealed that her 17 year old son doesn’t speak to her or wants nothing to do with her and she has plans to release another gospel album. After the interview was over, they had a meeting with Sony Records for their new album and Coko is not present at the meeting until 30 minutes later. Jeff asks Coko why she showed up late to the meeting and she gave him attitude.

Jeff arranges for the girls to meet with a therapist that works with musicians to clear the air between them and it was deep. Coko revealed that she had a problem with Taj since 1992 because she felt that Taj didn’t have her back. Lelee also revealed something that Taj & Coko definitely didn’t know by saying that she almost killed herself after the group disbanded.

After therapy was over, the girls performed for the Gig It event and ended up killing the performance. It’s Taj’s birthday and Coko, Lelee & Taj’s husband, Eddie, threw her party. But before she could finish celebrating her birthday, Eddie drops a bombshell on her by telling her that he might be moving to New York for his new job.

Make sure you tune next Thursday to see what happens next!

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)