130722100705-300x286IhsAn Bilal is a soul songstress on the come up from the DMV with her new album, TEAL, just released. She fuses hip hop and soul and her style receives praise all places including from such singers as Faith Evans. IhsAn Bilal is on a mission to make music that sparkles with swag. She has opened for the likes of Kanye West to Jadakiss. To get a better vibe of this DMV born darling follow her on twitter @IhsAnBilal or go to her website IhsAnBilalMuzik.com to follow her journey in the game.

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The Source sat down with IhsAn Bilal to talk about her newest album and what’s to come for this phenomenal woman on the come up.

Q: What would you say the vibe of your newest album, TEAL is all about?
IhsAn Bilal: “TEAL is my 2nd album. It is an acronym for Time Evolution and Love. The vibe is definitely a women empowerment theme. It has a contemporary R&B sound. It teaches women that its ok to be proud of everything we are made of and being, can be a beautiful thing.”


Q: When did you first fall in love with music?

IhsAn: When I was six years old, I started writing poems that turned into songs. I thought that I could sing, but I was too shy to tell anyone. I used to have this walkman (80’s baby!) and listen to Janet Jackson’s “Escapade.” In my mind, I was dancing in her video right along with her. That’s when I said I knew I had a passion to be a singer.

Q:Who have inspired you in your life and music?

IhsAn: I look up to a lot powerful women. Just to name a few: Beyonce, Tyra Banks, Oprah, Kerry Washington, Beverly Bond and the list goes on. They all have made their marks within the industry and other women’s lives. It takes much courage to follow your dreams and own them. I aspire to make my mark in this world through my art and ambition.

Q: Do you have any up coming projects your working on? If so what are they?

IhsAn: I recently signed my first major deal with Dream2Destiny NuMusic (which I am very excited about). I am working on my third studio album now. It will merge the different genres of what I’ve done in the past few years. I am excited for that.

Q: What are the top five songs you have on your ipod?

IhsAn: Top 5 songs in my iPod are…..
-Pharrell: “Happy”
-Janelle Monae: “Its Code”
-N.E.R.D.: “Love Bomb”
-Beyonce: “Superpower”
– IhsAn Bilal : “Gold”
-Michele Amira (@nicejewishswag)