T-Mobile hands it off to Tim Tebow and rushes into the Super Bowl commercial competition. The onetime NFL hopeful stars in a series of humorous sketches where he delivers a baby, tackles Bigfoot,saves puppies, addresses the United Nations and more.

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In the 30-second commercial spot, Tebow — who currently is without an NFL contract — shows off what he’s able to accomplish when not stuck with a contract. “Everyone thinks I want a contract, but without one I’ve done so much this year,” Tebow states in the ad.

If the commercial wasn’t humorous enough, T-Mobile has been taking heavy shots at AT&T by offering $450 for subscribers to switch. AT&T is a perfect target for the company because it operates on the same wireless technology, meaning no need to change handsets to switch. T-Mobile CEO John Legere also crashed AT&T’s party at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas but was quickly tossed out. Even has an AT&T customer, I’m giving this round to T-Mobile, and what better person than Tebow to lead the charge.


Check out the commercial below: