Girls-The Source The many sides of Hannah

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Last week on the HBO hit series, Girls, it is all about loss. Hannah finds out that her editor, David died unexpectedly and is hard for her to express her feelings about the death. Jessa discovered that her friend, Season from her drug days had pretended to die and is very upset over the lie Season told and decides to walk away from their friendship.  Marine’s video on YouTube continues to haunt her but she is unable to take the video down from the site and Ray decides it was okay to show the video to people. Adam, Ray and Caroline can’t fathom Hannah’s selfishness and lack of compassion for the death of her editor but Caroline has a trick to get Hannah out of her selfishness by telling a story of her dead cousin. The story helps Hannah realize that she is taking her life for granted.

This week, there were many faces of Hannah as she attended David’s funeral and she plays Dr. Phil between Adam and Caroline. Shoshanna finally stands up to Jessa as she tries to study for an exam and Jessa kept judging her for getting an education. But she judges Jessa for watching Forensic Files and wasn’t afraid. Fearing that she wasn’t going to have a deal, Hannah talks to a new publisher & editor about her new book. She founds out that the book is not going to be an e-book deal but an actually deal in which she was very happy about.


Marnie went to see Ray just to chat and she tells him to be honest with her about her personality. When he tells Marine his honest opinion, she felt guilty and all of an sudden they ended up sleeping with each other. Hannah tells her father the good news about her book deal and instead of being happy for her he was being very critical of her.

Just when she was receiving good news, Hannah looks over her contract and finds out that the rights to her book are nontransferrable for three years, effective the date of signing. As Caroline trying to cheer up Hannah, they end up in an argument that resulted in Caroline telling Hannah that she and Adam belong together because they are selfish. As Caroline kept insulting her some more, she eventually threw her out and Adam is not too happy about this.

Tune in next Sunday to see what happens next on Girls!

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