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Your favorites from Rihanna to Beyoncé have rocked the most in sparkles at times. Nine times out if 10 it came from one of most popular lines, Marchesa. The womenswear line is full of the best in fabrics and use of color. It’s a little up there in price but Marchesa brings us something we can all get out hands on, literally. Aligning with Revlon, one of the biggest nail lacquer companies in the world they came up with a few great colors. This is not their first time they have collaborated.



But if you missed out on the first round of nail stick ons you’re in luck. This time the new colors are a direct compliment of the Spring 2014 collection. Pink pearl and gold are delightful for the beautiful weather we’re all looking forward to. It not only includes nail lacquer but lipstick, blush and eye liner. You have the entire Marchesa Spring 2014 collection on your face! You can start adding these cool products to your collection of polishes next week.

-Tatiana (@TatianaTot)

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