Queen LatifahThe Source Magazine was backstage in the media room right after Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ historic performance at The Grammys, where 33 couples were married on live TV. Queen Latifah who officiated the ceremony fielded questions and reflected on her role in the event. Madonna also performed. 

What does it mean to be able to marry all of the couples?
Queen Latifah: It meant a lot because two of the couples are good friends of mine. So, I’m happy for them and all of the couples that got married. I’m all for couples spending the rest of their lives together no matter what the circumstances are.
How did it feel to make history on TV?
Queen Latifah: We definitely did (laughs), it’s great to do something special for couples everywhere and it’s great that it was on TV. I’m always on hosting The Queen Latifah Show and helping people and changing lives is what I love to do  it everyday. I took it very seriously and it was an honor for me to do it.
Have you performed weddings before?
Queen Latifah: No, but it would be a new gig, I could get some paper from it even though my bank is good, so I definitely won’t mind doing it.
How was the opportunity presented to you?
Queen Latifah: When I was approached about about it and they were telling me my reaction was like you’re going to do what and how many? I’m like okay, but I digested it, once it happened. The moment was so fantastic and I wanted my friends to be part of it. That was a special because it wasn’t about TV or ratings.
Can you speak about the significance of Macklemore’s “Same Love,” when hip-hop has been known not to be too LGBT friendly?
Queen Latifah: For me, the hip hop era I come from rappers were able to speak social issues whether you wanted to party or what’s going on in South Africa. I come from the hip hop that speaks on change and speak about what’s going on within the community & the world. I’m honored that a hip hop group such as Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to speak on this particular issue.

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