Film, photography, art & more dominated Miami this week

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It was an amazing turnout for RAW Artists’ first showcase of 2014. Photographer Amanda Barona was excited, yet nervous for her first public display of her work. “I was literally running around all day to get it all ready,” said Barona, “It was just so much.”


The South Florida native was one of 30 other artists at the LMNT Gallery in Miami to display their work ranging from photography to fashion design. The indie company, RAW Artists, brings together creative minds from all over the country to help display their work.

Barona’s exhibit was entitled “Drive-By Shootings”, which stems from her particular method of capturing moments on film. A majority of her work was shot around the world from the streets of L.A., to Africa and even back in her own backyard. Her theme was based on movement, from motorcycle stunts to capturing the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

“When I was in L.A,” said Barona, “I would stick my entire body outside the car when I would take pictures and my friends told me I looked like I was about to pull off a drive-by. So it stuck.”

With one of the biggest walls in the venue, Barona’s 13 pieces attracted the minds of everyone in the room. After getting over the first-time jitters, the rising photographer has plans to continue displaying her work around the country from L.A. to Washington, D.C. The inspiration for her work stems deep from within her own kin.

“When my brother got leukemia, he lost his legs and the ability to travel,” said Barona. “My camera lens are his eyes. I help him see where he can’t go.”

Check out Amanda Barona’s work here.


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