Joey Bada$$
Last project: Summer Knights
Next project: B4.DA.$$

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Joey Bada$$ is at a crossroads in his career. He burst onto the scene two years ago with his nostalgic, Illmatic-esque raps and 90’s boom-bap style at the tender age of 16, blowing away most of the people–fans and critics alike–who came in contact with him. However, two years and two albums later, Bada$$ appears to still have trouble launching. He doesn’t have a hit record–a rapper of his stature generally doesn’t–and his latest project, Summer Knights, played more like one long rap cypher rather than an album with concepts, themes, etc. There’s no denying the talent, or potential, but as Wale said once, “potential’s just another word for ain’t did sh*t”. Ironically, both Folarin and Joey find themselves on this list, but that in and of itself isn’t a bad thing. This isn’t a list for unaccomplished individuals, but rather a list of people who we know can make good on their potential if they put their minds to it. So, Joey, make us proud with B4.DA.$$.


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