Love and Hip Hop Reunion-The Source The cast reflects on Season four of Love & Hip Hop

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Last week on the season finale of the VH1 hit series, Love and Hip Hop it was all about the drama as Rashidah and Tahiry officially end their friendship for good. Yandy wonders about her future with Mendeecees. And Rich, Erica M. and Cyn are in conflict with each other.

This week, it is the first part of the reunion show. This time around there were surprises, love triangles explained and old rivalries rehatched.


Her Source countdowns the Top Five Most Turnt Up Moments from the reunion that made us shake our heads.

Check them out below:

1. There was a new host for the reunion

Normally, every Love and Hip Hop reunion is hosted by Mona Scott Young (who is the show’s creator) but this time around it was hosted by Academy Award Winner/comedienne, Mo’Nique. She brought the laughter to this season reunion. Having an Oscar winner hosting a reunion such as Love & Hip Hop is something that was totally different.

2. Nya Lee and Erica M. beef rehatched

This is one beef that happened throughout all of season four.While trying to talk to Mo’Nique, Nya felt that Erica M. was being disrespectful to her and that resulted in her throwing them paws on Erica M. In true Erica M. form, she still continued to talk reckless to Nya Lee. While sitting on the stage with Rashidah, Tahiry, Joe Budden and Rich Dollaz, they had to switch seats because their beef was reaching new heights. As they sat in different seats, they finally talked in a mature matter. Ladies, always remember girls compete with each other but women empower one another.

3. The Rich Dollaz, Cyn Santana And Erica M. Love Saga

It’s no question that Rich Dollaz is still madly in love with Erica M. but it causes conflict between her new relationship with Cyn Santana, a relationship that was played out throughout the show. Cyn is always caught in the middle between the two of them. This is one relationship that needs to put the brakes on it and get reevaluated because in this relationship everybody is getting hurt behind their actions and there is no love between them. Remember, if you decide to do your dirt don’t involve other people and take responsibility in your wrong doing.

4. The Love Story Of Tahiry and Joe Budden

This is one love story that didn’t involve a love triangle this season and was probably one of the realest ones on the show. They broke things off, when Tahiry found make up foundation on her pillow when she came home from a movie audition. But this time around, Joe tried to make things right with her by proposing marriage and Tahiry was just not ready for marriage with Joe. After the show, wrapped Joe finally admitted that he was wrong having another woman in the house while she was gone. By next season, these two might get back together; we never know.

5. The Peter Gunz, Tara And Amina Buddafly Love Saga

This is one love triangle was complicated with a capital C and was definitely not healthy. While being with Tara and their two sons, Peter goes and marry his mistress of one year that he was managing. But this was not the first time that Peter cheated; he has seven children with different women and admitted in the past that he is not a faithful man. He’s lucky to be with Amina  and not bailing out on her. Towards the end of the reunion, they performed a song together that was the story of Peter’s life. This is a relationship that raises a lot of questions. Remember ladies, if you lay down with a dog, you bound to wake up with fleas.

Tune in next Monday for Part II of the reunion at 8 pm on VH1!

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)