tdenise-300x300Seldom do every day women get the recognition they deserve for inspiring others around them, however this extraordinary woman has accomplished so much without ever missing a beat. Not many women can say they are an Iraqi veteran, community leader and entreprenuer before the age of 35.  Tanisha Denise Manning is a heroine and community leader who has faced adversity all of her life. Raised in one of the toughest neighborhoods of California, Manning managed to make a way out of Oakland.

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From a very young age many told her she was destined to fail at life. Set out the prove them wrong Manning graduated High School and joined the army. Deployed in Iraq for a year tour, her hard work proved that she was a tenacious woman.
Today you can find Manning giving back to her community with the same dedication that she served her country. She is a super hero to the many lives she has touched, inspiring everyone she comes in contact with. Currently coaching lives at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, she is dubbed “HBCU’s First Life Coach”.



Between her humble beginnings, service to her country with over 13 years of military service, many degrees including a PHD and her various work in the community, Manning has proved qualified to give certified life coaching advice to anyone in need.


Strong, beautiful and dedicated Manning is now working on her upcoming book along with her continuous dedication to helping others in her community. Her life coaching services go beyond her local surroundings and can even be accessed from your computer. Manning speaks to the core issues of overcoming hardship and achieving personal success. She inspires all of her clients and students to use what they have been through to push forward in life and imagine their potential.