Jimmy Kimmel, Super Bowl, Seahawks, Broncos, Lie Witness NewsTom Brady threw well to the Seattle receivers.. huh?

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In Jimmy Kimmel’s latest edition of Lie Witness News, some Hollywood pedestrians were caught off guard with questions about Super Bowl XLVIII. For any person that watched the game or was at least halfway interested in what was going on, they would know that Tom Brady didn’t participate in the game and that the Seahawks absolutely did not let a kid onto the field to play without a helmet during a part of the 4th quarter. Not this bunch.

The people that Kimmel’s crew interviewed were so excited about the Super Bowl questions that they decided to fill in the gaps of the made up stories. From a pedestrian being offended by the “racist,” Cheerios ad, to one going on about the additional FIFTH quarter, these folks either didn’t watch or weren’t paying attention. Nothing better than the guy saying Tom Brady “killed it,” throwing really well to the Seattle receivers.


Check out the hilarious segment below.


-Patrick Hazel (@pattywack25)