A Brooklyn mother has filed a lawsuit against the New York Police Department, claiming an officer sexually assaulted her and broke the leg of her 10-year-old son.

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According to court records, obtained exclusively by the New York Daily News, Krystle Silvera was tending to her 5-year-old daughter on the morning of January 30th when police from the 63rd Precinct and the Warrants Division came knocking on her apartment door looking for an ex-boyfriend of hers.

Silvera’s mother who opened the door with 10-year-old, Courtney not far behind, began to videotape the entering of officers inside the apartment. Soon after Krystle Silvera began to hear her son scream, ” You can’t do that! You’re hurting me! Don’t hit me!'” causing Silvera to run downstairs in her undergarments to see what was taking place. It was then, she claims she was pulled outside of her apartment and while restrained her pierced nipple was exposed.


“The officer flicked the piercing, he flicked the ring up with his finger on my right breast,” she said. “He said, ‘Is this what mothers look like these days?’

As for Courtney’s leg, medical records showed it was fractured. While Silveria was embarrassed and degraded by the day’s events, she finds it harder “explaining to my kids that not all police are bad.”

The 30-year-old nursing student doesn’t have to worry because her son still has aspirations to become a detective.

“I told my mom being a detective would be cool,” said the young boy. “I want to be a better detective than the one who did this.”

Silvera was charged with disorderly conduct, later pleading guilty, will seek unspecified monetary for having their civil rights violated.

“I’ve seen a lot of police brutality cases, but nothing as low as this, kicking a 10-year-old boy,” said Anthony Ofodile, the lawyer for the family.

According to the mom, her children are still traumatized.

-Chika Dunu (smearedmascaraa)