885eaa10fdb540b3a613944d0885f729Jets CB Antonio Cromartie has a simple solution for NFL higher ups when it comes to the usage of marijuana in the National Football League: “They need to just let it go.”

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Cromartie sat down with Thisis50.com where he offered his opinion on the controversial topic of marijuana and players.

“Players are just going to do it anyway. They just need to let it go. They just need to go ahead and say, ‘Y’all go ahead and smoke it, do what you need to do.'”


He may have a point.

According to Brendon Ayanbadejo, former Chicago Bear and Baltimore Raven, witnessed players smoking marijuana before the Super Bowl, though he wouldn’t reveal which Super Bowl or teammates.

Marijuana usage has been a hot button topic in the NFL, especially since Colorado has legalized the drug. This leaves the question: Should players of the Denver Broncos have the choice to partake in ‘lighting up’ and not face repercussions? NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t abandoning the idea just yet, at least when it comes to medical marijuana. Goodell acknowledges the advancement of treatment practices and will perhaps be open to it in the future.

Perhaps Cromartie is upset about the portrayal of his interview because  he tweeted to his 12,000 plus followers the following:

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-Chika Dunu