This edition of HH101 addresses asthma in the urban community
By Nakeasha Johnson

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Asthma is a very serious condition. It accounts for 18.9 million of adults and 7.1 million of children. In 2013 asthma accounted for 3,404 deaths according to the CDC. Personally, I have a child who was a diagnosed asthmatic as well as multiple family members. This article is not to say that you should stop taking your asthma medication. I am suggesting that there are ways to manage your asthma if it is not severe. Every asthmatic knows that mucus buildup among other things can lead to countless issues with asthma. The goal is to take a preventative approach. Here are a few tips that you can use.

* Listen to your body and learn what it is telling you.
* Learn what triggers your asthma attacks and avoid them
* Adjust your diet by eliminating dairy, sugar, wheat, corn, and soy for 1 ½ month increments and access its effect on your asthma (only remove one at a time)
* Use plenty of ginger and turmeric daily because of their anti-inflammatory properties
* Make sure your vents and filters are clean
* Minimize chemical cleaners and replace them with natural or homemade ones
* Keep humidifiers around because they can help soothe asthma symptoms
* Take necessary steps to remove pest and rodents from your home because they can be major asthma triggers
*Enclose your mattress in a cover and wash your sheets weekly to eliminate or reduce dust mites


These are a few steps that can help relieve or prevent some asthma triggers. It is important to reduce the all of the things in your house that collect or shuffle around dust also. Even though the statistics of asthma are real, it is also important to note that many children outgrow it as they grow older. I have also known several individuals who have stopped having asthma attacks due to maintaining a diet that is free from processed foods and meats. Take the time to develop an asthma plan of action for yourself. You can get assistance with this from your healthcare professional as well.

-Nakeasha Johnson(@NakeashaJ)