imagesA little girl perceived to be as young as two years old is seen on video puffing on what appears to be a cigarette.

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The footage which was uploaded to LiveLeak earlier this week didn’t sit well with viewers. One viewer commented that  “She looks to suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, poor kid was dealt a lousy hand,” while another commented, “smack those parents hard f–king a–holes.”

However, while most expressed disgust and anger, others found the video to be  quite hilarious and didn’t see such actions as a big deal. “Ironically, this is probably not even worse than the amounts of processed sugar parents are stuffing their children with,” said one viewer. Another added, “That little gurllleee [sic] is cool as f–k!!!”


This isn’t the first video where a toddler was seen smoking on a cigarette. Indonesian Ardi Rizal, 2, smoked numerous cigarettes a day until he was weened off through therapy. It is reported that he is now addicted to junk food.

Watch the video below of Finnish girl allegedly smoking cigarette.

-Chika Dunu