DMX speaks on Zimmerman Boxing Match VideoDMX’s publicist says that TMZ and promoter Damon Feldman took it too far, claiming team DMX found out the alleged fight was purported to happen at the same time of the rest of the world:  “This was all news to us.”

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Domenick Nati, publicist for DMX, wants to set the record straight about DMX’s boxing match with George Zimmerman.

Nati did an interview with Lynchburg, Virginia’s ABC News 13, which he emailed me.  He asked me to watch it, saying it would shed more light on the situation, saying:


“The supposed boxing match between George Zimmerman and DMX was announced very prematurely. DMX has not signed any paperwork for this event and the official announcement should have never been made.”

Nati criticized TMZ and boxing promoter Damon Feldman for sensational reporting and premature promotion:

“This went from literally a reporter asking [DMX], ‘Would you do this? And what would you do if you were in the situation?’ And DMX fans know that he gets excited and shoots his mouth off.  He’s not going to answer any question the politically correct way. He’s gonna answer how he feels.”

He says that the organizer of the match did contact DMX’s team.  Nati doesn’t exactly elaborate what conclusion team DMX and Feldman came to during their conversation, but he makes it clear there should have been no promotion, no press conferences, or anything else, because nothing had been finalized or signed:

“This person [Damon Feldman] is a promoter.  This has been the number one topic in the country.  He’s done a great job at promoting. I get that’s what you’re doing, but my job in return, is to get the truth out.  If it was signed and sealed, I would say so.  But no paperwork is signed.”

He also slams Zimmerman’s delusions of being a “celebrity”: 

“DMX is a celebrity because he sold 30 million albums; George Zimmerman is famous because he killed an unarmed teenager.  I think it’s offensive and an insult to the family.  How would this have gone 15 years ago?  What if OJ Simpson said ‘I’ll fight any white person’? I think it’s outrageous.  We’re making celebrities out of criminals.”

Nati goes on, attempting to find some type of compassion for the murderer’s attention seeking behavior and incessant trolling, but like most of the world, comes up empty handed, simply saying that he guesses Zimmerman has to resort to tacky, gimmicky schemes to make money, since he’s in hiding and it’s not like he can get a job.

It’s a dangerous thing when we start making stars out of criminals,” Nati said.

He defends DMX, saying:

“DMX never wanted to insult anyone; his purpose was to defend the black community.  DMX is not a gimmicky personality.  He wants to be a recording artist and perform for his fans.  This situation was blown way out of proportion.”

DMX himself did an interview with a local Fox affiliate, where he says if he does it, all of Zimmerman’s proceeds have to go to charity.

This is all good, and I applaud Nati and DMX for wanting to do the right thing…but no one has answered my question yet:  If this happens, which hopefully it doesn’t, would DMX get paid, and if so, what’s happening to his proceeds?

From his comments, it seems Nati himself doesn’t even think this is the right thing to do.

We can only hope that any and all celebrities feel the same way–including The Game and pro wrestler Chyna, who are also reported to have applied for this opportunity.

We really need to start treating Zimmerman like a toddler throwing a tempter tantrum–or better yet like a societal outcast:  Any and all trolling should be ignored.

April Dawn (@scarlettsinatra)