jewell600With today marking the official open for the 2014 Sochi Winter Games and the controversy surrounding such, a brief stroll in history is appropriate. In the summer of 1996, the Olympic games were held in Atlanta. Nine days into the games, a pipe bomb in Centennial Olympic Park exploded, causing mass hysteria and horror; one hundred-eleven people were harmed, while two innocent lives were taken. Quickly, the world stood still, shocked, and the already media filled Atlanta, took to the television to find the hero, who saved the lives of over a hundred men, women and children.

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Richard Jewell, an Atlanta resident and security guard for those summer games, was famed as the hero, who saved the lives of those innocent festival goers there to root their country to a gold medal. In the mist of all the interviews, stories and sudden fame for Mr. Jewell, one person took the initiative to contact the FBI and speak about Richards past history. Even quicker than his stardom was his unpleasant downfall. In a bizarre twist, Mr.Jewell was now an active suspect in the case of the bombing in Centennial Olympic Park.  Eventually in October 1996, Richard Jewell, was cleared of all charges. News this week broke that Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio would be back on the big screen together, as the leads, of a motion picture about the horrible events that took place in the summer of ’96.