It’s the reboot of a classic franchise

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Robocop has always been a film that was way ahead of its time. The remake brings us even further into the millennia. The Source was able to get a first look at the film that revives the story about a cop taken down by criminals and was turned into a robot. Last night, Blogxilla hosted a private screening of the film starring Joel Kimmaman, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Keaton & Abbie Cornish.


Kimmaman took on Sylvester Stallone’s role as Detective Alex Murphy, who is severely injured by a bomb in an effort to kill the detective that was close to revealing crooked cops. CEO of Omnicorp Raymond Stellars (Keaton) is set on bringing his multinatinal corporation to the top with his controversial technology that fuses man with robot. Stellars uses Dr. Dennett Norton (Oldman) to turn Murphy into the Robocop into the ultimate crime-fighting machine.

Though his wife Clara (Cornish) signed off on the transformation, she later finds out that her decision might have been the best idea. Meanwhile, Pat Novak (Jackson) informs the world of what will become of the Robocop. In a fight to solve his own murder while trying to keep his human composure, Murphy makes the moves to have a “normal” life with his family while stopping corruption in its tracks.

Overall, the movie doesn’t disappoint. Samuel L Jackson’s personality perfectly fit his role as a persistent broadcast journalist. Michael Keaton’s nefarious character will strike a nerve as the money-hungry CEO that will do anything to get his way. Will Robocop have a future in the force?

Robocop will be released February 12, 2014.